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City Green League…Stay Tuned!

January 30th, 2015
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Some years ago, City University committed to sustainability by taking several initiatives and strategies to reduce its carbon footprint. City University jumped from the 55th to the 5th position in the latest rankings of “People and Planet Green League”, and it is now the greenest university in London! All this has been possible also thanks to its students and staff. City Green League pushes the limits of building energy performance in a fun way by doing a competition between its campus buildings. How will it be measured? Simple.The biggest competitor for each building will be the building itself. Energy consumptions will be compared with the past energy bills. Who saves more energy in comparison to the year before will be named the winner. Be an active actor of this competition by becoming the champion of your class or team office; switch the lights off, do surveys about the thermal comfort or take part in a sustainability initiative. Prizes are coming soon… Stay tuned!


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