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October 14th, 2014
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The project is to develop a novel system for monitoring the daily energy consumptions of City’s computer labs. This system is powered by solar energy (other energy sources like vibration, thermal etc., if possible by using the novel energy harvesting technology developed in our research group) based on the advanced wireless sensor network technology (with ultra-low power consumption). Our project ‘City Green Monitor’ will have an impact the City environment, help raise awareness and encourage others to get involved in protecting the environment.

During Freshers’, we have talked to more than 40 students explaining the potentials of our project while trying to find new team members for the next year’s Green Dragon to continue our current work.  We do encourage students to use computing facilities more effectively and ask for their support to get more people involved.

Future plans:

We are going to develop the whole system when we get all the pre-ordered the experimental equipment from the suppliers and get more new students involved in our team to continue the project for the next year.

by: Bochao Zhou


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