Green Dragons

Decision Making

Process and Criteria

The Green Dragons Panel (for students) and Green Dragons Steering Group (staff) seek projects that will improve sustainability in the University or local community. To get the green light from them, your project should:
Criteria That Means…
Have a
positive impact
Engage and influence as many City university students and local community members as possible and establish sustainable behaviours around:

  • Energy and emissions reduction
  • Waste: Reduce, reuse and recycling
  • Ethical procurement
  • Elimination of retail plastic bottles
  • Sustainable food
  • Community engagement
Be realistic
and viable
Develop a well-considered project plan with realistic timelines that is going to match your skills, experience and the overall capacity of your project team. Ideally, it is going to be linked with other activities in City University and will have a social enterprise element
Make good
financial sense
Develop a well-considered project budget within the £3000 limit that is going to represent value for money and acknowledge its in-kind funding value