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City Volunteering Trips (Staff)

Employers are always saying that volunteering is something they look for on candidates’ CVs. So my aim is to provide opportunities for students to volunteer on conservation projects across the UK.

Many of City University’s international students have expressed interest in travelling to other UK cities to explore and discover the sights and make the most out of their time studying in the UK.

By running weekend trips to different cities we would be enhancing the student experience. We would be bringing up to 50 students together for each trip providing the opportunity to bond and meet new people which will help build a community among City students. We will be allowing students to visit and appreciate what the UK has to offer outside of London. This will not only boost City’s reputation more widely but will allow us to create links and partnerships with conservation projects around the country. As well as experiencing a new city students will be spending their time productively learning new skills and building an environmental awareness about sustainability issues. This will increase their employability prospects and help them to become global citizens who will carry their green values with them into whatever career they pursue.

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