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ANE Green Stations

Naeem and Alejandro created ANE Green Stations project with an aim to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in London. The idea is to use the existing petrol stations to set up charging points for the electric vehicles, and power these charging points/stations from the solar panels installed at the rooftop of the petrol stations. These charging points can be connected to the national grid to export or import the electricity. This will help to develop the electric vehicles technology and help in transformation from conventional fossil fuel powered stations to the renewable energy powered petrol stations.

Naeem and Alejandro will start a pilot project in one particular petrol station with the financial help and support from Green Dragons. Then, they will partner with suppliers in order to set up their charging points in their respective petrol stations. Their aspiration is to expand the project to a particular region (which includes the highest concentration of electric vehicles users) and continue expanding it nationwide.

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