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Fossil Fuel Divestment, Viable Alternatives and You (staff)

This project seeks to build upon the success of City University’s environmental and social impact that has seen it rise to 5th in the People and Planet university league tables. Although the university has been successful in tackling many green issues there still exists a real absence of engagement by students and staff and an especially poor performance when it comes to ethical investment and the university. This project aims to tackle both these issues by getting staff and students engaged with the ethical investment policies at City University.

Joining with various divestment movements throughout the university sector, united and supported by Fossil Free UK, we will challenge City University to think seriously about their investment options and the impact such investments have on the environment. A major outcome of this project will be a report drawing on the state of investments in the university sector and research that points to the various viable alternatives available to the university (and to the individual!) in terms of investments and banking that work with the planet using money for good.

Stay tuned for a full fossil fuel divestment campaign, events, speakers and workshops.

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