Green Dragons

Grow (Year 2)

Meliti  with her Grow project aims to create a community food garden at City University campus engaging students, staff and the local community. Put your welly boots on and become a Grower!

Mentor: Daphne Page, PhD Candidate, Center for Food Policy, City University London

Partners: NUS Student Eats

Pledges(150)=Pledge for Meliti’s project and show your interest in becoming a Grower at your own campus




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  • Konstantinos says:

    Grear idea Meliti. A health and socio-developping orientated idea!
    Everyone should become a GROWER! Best of luck with your project!

  • Agata says:

    There already is a vegetable garden at City – project running for about 4 years now but struggling to engage students past one-off events (staff seem to be more interested). Its behind the Myddleton Building of Sebastian Street – please contact the Environmental Team in PAF for details as you may be able to take over the site for your project:)

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