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Meat Free Mondays (Years 1&2)

Meat Free Mondays is a project by City students that aims to change the food consumption at City’s food outlets and reduce the carbon and ecological footprint of the college.  The impact on the City population is that on Mondays they will only be able to order vegetarian food.  In addition, there will be thought-provoking activities to encourage City students and staff to think about the impact of their food consumption and how healthy food can help us all become healthier and make more sustainable decisions!

Pledges(50)=The vegetarian meals consumed by students and staff in City’s food outlets

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  • Trudi says:

    This is a great start to encouraging people to think about the impact of using animals on their health, the environment and the suffering of animals. I do hope there will be plenty of vegan options available for people who don’t eat eggs or dairy, and to help others to discover how delicious and nutritious vegan food is, and how good it makes you feel!

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