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PIEL:Environmental Justice 4 All (Year 1)

PIEL (Public Interest Environmental Law) initiative aims to establish itself as an environmental law organization with the help of City and other London University students and staff members. Students become empowered and aware of environmental sustainability, while getting leadership and project management skills!

Pledges(200)=CityUniversity students and staff signing up for PIEL conference

This project has been completed for 2013-2014

The PIEL – Green Dragons Leaders with their law background introduced Environmental Law at City University London engaging more than 350 City students and bringing them in contact with their peers from other London Universities and high-calibre speakers. By providing an accessible forum for discussion and debate, the PIEL UK Conference allowed a diverse range of practitioners, academics and members of the public to engage with environmental problems and to encourage solutions. While corporations have tremendous influence in creating and providing potential solutions to environmental harm, they are not the only actors. The role of the public, including City University students, is also crucial. PIEL team are now getting ready for a new year of activities in City University London.

If you are interested in getting involved with PIEL UK and you will be a student in 2014/15 please contact us on

 PIEL conference


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